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Ash dieback disease update: Gardens of Remembrance

A dead ash tree stands next to one that does not appear to be affected by the disease

A dead ash tree stands next to one that does not appear to be affected by the disease

Last autumn we provided information regarding the very extensive and progressive impact of this pernicious disease on all our ash trees, which continues throughout the woodlands.

Ash dieback disease weakens the structure of the timber which can result in branches breaking off unexpectedly in windy weather. This is why warning notices have been erected notifying of our plans to take appropriate management action to protect our visitors and the gardens overall.

Action must be taken, for health and safety reasons and in liaison with the Forestry Commission, to remove the most affected trees. We have marked those trees for removal with an orange cross. The sensitive nature of our gardens is at the forefront of our thinking and the careful removal is planned to take place later in the summer and early autumn.

Further details will be provided on this website when we have them. This essential work will have the benefit of allowing other significant trees alongside to flourish and prosper in the greater space available.

We are planning the replanting works to take place during spring 2022, when new native trees are re-planted in appropriate locations near to where trees have been removed.

Linda Francis
Crematoria Services Manager
July 2021                                                                                                                          

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