Aylesbury Crematorium

Chilterns Crematorium Joint Committee

The Aylesbury Crematorium Project - Update

Published September 2017

Permission was first granted to the Chilterns Crematorium Joint Committee (CCJC) to build a crematorium at a site off Cane End Lane near Bierton in October 2014. Subsequently an application was made for a judicial review of this decision by the Westerleigh Group Ltd (which is building a crematorium at Watermead).  This was successful and the permission was quashed.

The CCJC re-submitted its application and planning permission was regained in October 2015. Westerleigh again applied for a judicial review of the decision, firstly to the High Court and then, when this was twice refused, to the Court of Appeal.  Unfortunately the time between submission and consideration of an application for a judicial review can be several months and the CCJC was unable to progress its project until the outcome was known, but in November 2016 when the Court of Appeal refused Westerleigh permission to judicially review the current planning consent this process was finally brought to an end. 

Whilst the project was in abeyance awaiting the outcome of the legal challenge Buckinghamshire County Council carried out its statutory consultation on the blocking of access to Cane End Lane from Rowsham Road. The outcome of this consultation was approval for the blocking up and since the further attempt to challenge the planning consent ended this has now been implemented.  In addition the overhead electricity cables across the site have been diverted underground and also special fencing erected and trapping carried out to remove any greater crested newts (an EU protected species) in preparation for construction to begin.

An increased project budget was agreed during summer 2017 by Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern and Wycombe District Councils, the three constituent authorities of the CCJC, to make up a shortfall resulting largely from the planning delay since permission was first granted in October 2014 as well as additional costs incurred in resolving the challenges to the planning. A procurement process has been undertaken to appoint a building contractor and work is expected to start on site in early October 2017and take about a year to complete.


New Aylesbury Crematorium gets permission

Published October 2015

The Chilterns Crematorium Joint Committee (CCJC), which operate the crematorium at Amersham, has been granted permission to build a new crematorium at Bierton in Buckinghamshire.

The CCJC resubmitted its planning application to the Aylesbury Vale District Council Strategic Development Management Committee yesterday (14 October) after the original planning permission granted in July 2014 was quashed in March 2015 due to the judicial review instigated by the Westerleigh Group which has permission to build a crematorium on a site at Watermead, Aylesbury.

Work is expected to start in the spring once the great crested newts which are breeding near the site are moved for their protection during construction. The completed scheme will provide enhanced habitat for the great crested newts on site. A licence will now be applied for from Natural England to enable the works to proceed.

In relation to the work on the local roads, particularly stopping up the highway between Rowsham Road and Cane End Lane, Buckinghamshire County Council completed a Traffic Regulation Order public consultation in September. The results of this are due soon.